Digital security for your business


Whether you are in the early stages of the process, have already adopted a strategy, we support you at every stage of your reflections and projects from the understanding and analysis of cyber risk to the integration of cyber risk into the governance of the organization.

Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with your organization and to develop customized solutions based on your expectations and needs.


Anticipating and preventing cyberattacks are key in successfully managing a crisis and should be part of the continuous improvement processes of any organization .

We help you anticipate and prepare cyber crisis management

Using best industry practices, we will help you define and implement pragmatic solutions to protect your business.


The organization’s cyber resilience requires the development of a cyber culture.

It is therefore key to identify the skills to be acquired for each employee within the organization.

Build resilient organizations

PREVENT Cyber Risks

We work with C-Level executives as they deal with these new risks and challenges, and we help them assess and understand how they may impact their businesses. We help them value these risks and define a cyber security strategy aligned with their business and their organization’s strategy.

  • ​Diagnosis / audit
  • ​Strategy and implementation master plan
  • Mapping and management of human, operational and IT risks

STRENGTHEN the resilience of your organisation

As cyberattacks become relentless and are more severe and sophisticated, organizations must continuously reinforce their resilience against cyberbreaches.

  • ​Business Continuity Plan
  • Business Recovery Plan

  • Operational resilience to withstand and respond to any operational disruption in accordance with the DORA Directive.

PREPARE and MANAGE Cyber Crises

Our motto is that a well-managed crisis is a crisis that you are well prepared for. As such, we will assist you in the preparation, organization and definition of crisis processes, as well as provide simulation scenarios.

  • Formalization of the crisis management kit
  • Conducting a crisis management exercise
  • Incident Management process



In the same way that senior management works closely with all corporate’s executives to address business, organisation and financial issues and strategies, it must establish a real working relationship with the CISO, who ideally will report to it.`

On the other hand, CISOs must develop an approach based on business risk and integrate Comex’ expectations and requirement. 

– Coaching and training of CISO’s to improve communication with C-Levels and Comex

– Correlation of cyber and corporate strategy


    To achieve this goal, we will implement a pragmatic and contextualized approach which integrates technology, business processes, change management, and legal and regulatory compliance.