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Defin strategy cyber


A strategy and a solution aligned with your company’s strategy and challenges.

Integrate cybersecurity


All business units and cross functions should actively support your cybersecurity efforts.

Train and get employees involved


Each C-Levels and employee have a key role to play.

Our services



We help our clients design their information systems and protect their organizations from all types of cyberattacks, including the most sophisticated ones, while ensuring full compliance with national and international regulations.

We help companies reinforce their resilience and prepare them to handle and manage cyber crises when they arise.

Interim Management


Training is one of the key actions for developing a cybersecurity culture. It is critical that all employees are trained and become “players” in cybersecurity.

To achieve this, we suggest that you identify the skills that need to be developed and trained to make cybersecurity intelligible to all.

Part-time CISO Solutions

Conference / seminar


We take part in conferences and seminars to reach as many people as possible, with the main aim of raising awareness of cyber risks and giving meaning and value to cybersecurity.

Who are we?

ADHEL is an independent boutique consulting firm and training organisation dedicated to cybersecurity. ADHEL was founded and is managed by Anne Doré.

Our purpose is to help corporations manage cyber risks, in particular to protect their employees, their data, their know-how and, more generally, their business continuity.


Anne has a solid experience in consulting, working for CSC Peat Marwick and then for IBM, one of the world leaders in cybersecurity. She supported many C-Level executives in strategic and digital transformation projects leveraging new technologies (Cloud, AI, big data) and driving structural organizational changes.

Anne noted the lack of consideration for cybersecurity in most of these projects and the urgent need to help business leaders and boards of directors include cyber risk in their business strategies and risk management plans.

As a result, Anne founded ADHEL to support these organisations as they strive to implement cyber resilient and durable business models.

Her objectives are to support business leaders and CISOs  to

– Integrate cyber risk into the strategy and governance of the organisation as well as risk management;

– Develop a cyber culture by giving a tangible value to cybersecurity in order to rally a broad audience capable of becoming actors.

Anne is an auditor of the IHEDN in Economic Intelligence and co-author of a “Cyber ​​crisis management method” developed as part of an MBA dedicated to risk management, safety and cybersecurity.

Anne co-leads the National Cyber Campus Training Working Group.

Anne is Clusif’s secretary and board member of Women4Cyber.  She is a temporary professor at ESCP, in charge of the cybersecurity module and teaches at the School of Economic War.

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